facebook business / out of home activations

Facebook wanted to show how local businesses bring character to every city.


As an extension of 72andSunny’s “Keep It Local” campaign for Facebook Business, we were asked to concept and execute out-of-home activations in four major cities that put local businesses at the center of every event. We chose themes that felt unique and true to the spirit of each place – think doggie wellness retreats, music shows, tree houses, and actual parades.

Pawmaste: A Wellness Retreat For Dogs

San Diego is one of the nation’s most dog-friendly cities, so we combined its love of dogs with its love of all things “new age.” The result was “Pawmaste”, San Diego’s first ever doggie wellness retreat. We invited local businesses that host dog yoga and meditation classes, pet aura readers, and other dog loving shops.

Local BizFest


Go figure, a lot of business owners in Music City are also talented musicians. We brought in a realtor, a lawyer, a baker, and then put them on stage at a local bike shop. Every business owner-slash-musician got the full rock-star treatment, complete with concert posters, custom t-shirts, and a ton of swag. (My favorites might have to be the punny rocker tattoos.)

Tree City Market

Sacramento’s nickname is “The City of Trees,” so we built a treehouse market that hosted nature-themed businesses and all of their nature-themed knick knacks. We invited some tea shops, nature-inspired jewelry makers, wood carvers, and more.

The Local Businesses on Parade, Parade

Columbus, Ohio hosts some pretty rad parades all year long, but none with floats you could buy salami from. Enter the first ever shoppable parade, where parade-goers could purchase local goods and services directly from business themed floats. These included a local bookshop, an aquarium store, a baseball bat maker, a barber, and many others.


Agency: 72andSunny NY
Creative Directors: Tara Lawall, Nuno Ferreira
Other Creatives: Ross Wolinsky, Ricky Anolik, Frank Benavides